HD400 Portable Drilling & Boring Machine.

HD400 Portable Drilling & Boring Machine – a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted for on-site applications. This modular and flexible drilling marvel is engineered to seamlessly adapt to various drilling and boring tasks, including using of drills, countersinks, boring cutters, taps and reamers. Designed with utmost precision, its user-friendly features make mounting and installation on the workplace a breeze. Boasting a lightweight construction, this portable drilling machine ensures effortless handling while delivering exceptional performance.

  • ISO, MT4, MT5 spindle types
  • Manual/auto feed engagement
  • High precision linear guides
  • Hydraulic drive
  • High modularity and flexibility
  • Light and sturdy structure
  • Excellent rigidity
Maximum drilling diameter 100 mm 4″
Maximum standard stroke 400 mm 16″
Min/Max spindle rpm 0 60
Min/Max feed 0÷60 mm/min 0-0.237 inch/min
Spindle hydraulic motor 4 Kw 5.4 Hp
Feed hydraulic motor 2.2 Kw 3 Hp
Weights and Dimensions
Machine weight 90 kg 198 lbs
Machine dimensions 250x450x1300 mm 10x18x52 in
Shipping weight 130 kg 287 lbs
Shipping dimensions 850x500x435 mm      34x20x17.5 in
Hydraulic power unit
Spindle flow rate @ 100 bar (102 psi) 50 l/min 1.6 cfm
Auto feed flow rate@ 100 bar (102 psi) 20 l/min 0.6 cfm
Portable Drilling Machine



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    Portable Drilling Machine

    The machine is supplied complete with toolkit, CE certificate, Packing List, Manual, Metallic shipping case.