Whenever the standard machines are not able to offer the correct solution for a specific application, our Engineering Office is able to design equipped machines so as to be able to intervene on the particular mechanical maintenance required. Cases that need to design a custom machine are to be referred to non-standard machining or the impossibility of disassembling elements to be maintenanced by the equipment.

VED has developed a system that allows the extraction of the tube bundles to overcome the initial friction so that the extraction becomes possible. Thanks to the know-how in Specialized Mechanical Maintenance Services directly On-Site, VED Engineers and Technicians collaborate together to find the right solution in front of any difficult situations; as could be the problems occurring during a shut down about tube bundle removing for maintenance activities on heat exchangers.

EFT1200 (till diameter of 1200mm)



Mission of all people working in VED company is to do all the activities in as safety way. The main focused mission, during the project assembling of this new Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger Extractor,  it was to work in safety condition.

BA 2500 COMBI is a portable machine specifically designed and manufactured to remove any welding defects of aluminium plate stretcher.