Nowadays, Wind energy is the most established and efficient renewable energy source, and the need of installing wind turbines is increasingly growing all over the world.

The bolted flange connections are one of the most common and critical mechanical joints within a wind turbine support structure.

Because that, EUREKA team has developed a new orbital machine, which is specially designed for machining bolted flanges of transition piece which joins the wind turbine generators tower to their foundations.

SF8000 Flange Face Milling machine is a precise and powerful tool for machining large flanges up to 8000 mm diameter. It is able to carry out different mechanical machining such as milling, turning, grooving and grinding jobs.

The machine consists of two main parts:

  1. Rotary table
  2. Multi-leg base.

Meanwhile, the multi-base leg base allows mounting the machine inside the flange, while the rotary table withstands the milling arms. Besides that, the milling arms can be dragged and clamped based on the flange diameter, in addition to the linear guide installed on the milling arm allows to machine wide flanges.

The high precision machining head is the hallmark of our new model orbital machine.

Furthermore, Eureka team provides all the instructions to use and install the machine which allows the client to optimize the use of the machine and carry out the jobs with the shortest time. As a result, decrease both down time and costs.

In addition, Eureka team provides a full assistance for its clients during all stages of machining, either being on the field with them or at a distance, since the most important objective for Eureka is to always satisfy the client’s need and to provide support consistently to find the best solutions.