The CMD1 is used to measure the kiln tires and supporting rollers circumference, consequently the
diameter, while the kiln is in operation.

These measurements are used to determine the kiln axis and carry out hot alignment properly.

  • Hight precision contact weel
  • Resistent aluminium case
  • Designed and manufactured to use at high temperature
  • Repeatability and accuracy of measurements
  • Easy to use
Minimum roller diameter 400 mm 15.8″
Maximum tire diameter 12.000 mm 472 in
Contact wheel diameter 150 mm 5.9″
Weights  and  Dimensions  
Machine weight 48 kg 105.8 lbs
Machine dimensions 485x342x175 mm 19.1×13.5×6.9 in
Europe 230 Volt, 50 Hz
USA 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Rechargeable battery 12 V, 2.3 Ah

Kiln tires and supporting rollers are typically subject to a certain amount of wear and have to be re-machined or replaced after some time of operation. To keep the kiln axis alignment it is essencial to  know the changes of diameters and to compensate them adjusting the roller position.


Device necessary, during the operations, to carry out the machining activity with the axial precision and correct alignment.



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    The device is supplied complete with toolkit, CE certificate, Packing List, Manual, aluminium shipping case.