FL 1000 Milling Portable Machine.

Versatile, precise and powerful 2 axis portable milling machine for on site applications. Designed and manufactured for on site machining of small pumps, compressors, electric motors bases and surfaces on which flatness restoration is required.

  • Heavy duty roller guide
  • Large diameter ball screw
  • ISO40 DIN 2080 spindle
  • Cast iron structure
  • Excellent rigidity
Maximum longitudinal stroke 860 mm 34″
Maximum vertical stroke 100 mm 4″
Max cutter diameter 150 mm 6″
Maximum torque 650 N·m 479 Ftl·bs
Cutting feed rate 1÷1000 mm/min 0,33÷3,3 Ft/min
Rapid feed rate 10 m/min 32,8 Ft/min
RPM Min: 20 Max: 2000
Weights  and  Dimensions  
Machine weight 380 kg 838 lbs
Machine dimensions 1200x400x518 mm 47x16x20 in
Power Supply & Motion Control Cabinet weight on request on request
Power Supply & Motion Control Cabinet dimensions on request on request
Shipping weight 460 kg 1014 lbs
Shipping dimensions 1400x460x600 mm 55x18x24 in
Europe 380 Volt, 3 phase, 50-60 Hz
USA 480/400 Volt, 3 phase, 50-60 Hz



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    The machine is supplied complete with toolkit, CE certificate, Packing List, Manual, Wooden shipping case.