SFE1600 Flange Facing Portable Machine.

Precise and powerful externally mounted flange facing machine for onsite applications. Designed and built for heat exchanger channel flanges with integral tube bundle.

  • High precision crossed roller bearing
  • Twin pneumatic drive
  • Robust welded carbon steel structure
  • Excellent rigidity
Min./Max facing diameter 0 mm (0″) 1500mm (57″)
Min./Max clamping diameter N.A. N.A.
Min./Max rotation RPM 0 20
Rotational Drive – twin pneumatica 14 kW 18.77 Hp
Rapid feed rate 10 m/min 32,8 Ft/min
RPM Min: 20 Max: 100
Weights  and  Dimensions  
Machine weight 1600 kg 3527 lbs
Base weight 1200 Kg 2645 lbs
Shipping weight 3150 kg 3527 lbs
Shipping dimensions 2500x2600x500 mm 20′ container
Air Pressure 8 bar (116 psi)
Air Flow 5000 l/min (35 ft3/s)



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    The machine is supplied complete with toolkit, CE certificate, Packing List, Manual, Wooden shipping case.