TA200-400 Shaft Turning Machine

TA200-400 Shaft turning machine is a modular portable tool for on-site damaged shafts repair and refurbishment. It is designed and manufactured for on-site mechanical machining to restore dimensional straightness, roundness, and concentricity of defected shafts. Precision and accuracy are hallmarks of our machines.

Made of steel alloy, it is light and resistant. Split flanges allow to install and use the machine also on intermediate sections of shafts and not only at the end.

The linear guide is independent and adjustable for quick and easy alignment. The double chain drive is reliable, steady and consistent.

Working range in standard configuration:

  • Minimum turning diameter 200 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter 400 mm
  • Maximum turning length 500 mm

We are also available to adapt our machines to your specific on-site needs.

Shaft diameter minimum 200 mm 7.9 inches
Shaft diameter maximum 400 mm 15.8 inches
Maximum turning reach 500 mm 19.7 inches
Rotation speed 10÷50 RPM 10÷50 RPM
Feed rate 0,1÷0,5 mm/rev 0.004÷0.019 in/rev
Weights  and  Dimensions  
Machine weight (TA200-250 / TA350-400) 98 /145 kg 216 / 320 lbs
Minimum machine dimensions (TA200-250) Ø 430 x 400 mm Ø 16.9 x 15.7 inches
Maximum machine dimensions (TA350-400) Ø 630 x 600 mm Ø 24.8 x 23.6 inches
Shipping weight 540 kg 1190 lbs
Shipping dimensions 800x800x1000 mm 32x32x39 inches
Power  and transmission
Transmission SPZ V-belts
Power and drive system (not included) MT200-400
Shaft turning machine for diamters between 200 and 400 mm



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    portable shaft turning machine dimensions

    The machine is supplied complete with toolkit, CE certificate, Packing List, Manual, Wooden shipping case.