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Portable Shaft Turning Machine.

Portable shaft turning machine designed and manufactured to restore on site damaged shaft sections. Rotating wheel is modular on 4 diameter range (200÷250, 250÷300, 300÷350, 350÷400 mm) and 5 shatf reach (300, 350, 400, 450, 500 mm). Turning wheel is designed to be driven by SPZ V-belts.
Power and transmission system is not included (see MT200-400 data sheet).

  • Modular turning wheel
  • Adjustable and tilting linear guide
  • V-belt drive system
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy to use
Shaft diameter minimum200 mm7.9 inches
Shaft diameter maximum400 mm15.8 inches
Maximum turning reach500 mm19.7 inches
Rotation speed10÷50 RPM10÷50 RPM
Feed rate0,1÷0,5 mm/rev0.004÷0.019 in/rev
Weights  and  Dimensions  
Machine weight (TA200-250 / TA350-400)98 /145 kg216 / 320 lbs
Minimum machine dimensions (TA200-250)Ø 430 x 400 mmØ 16.9 x 15.7 inches
Maximum machine dimensions (TA350-400)Ø 630 x 600 mmØ 24.8 x 23.6 inches
Shipping weight540 kg1190 lbs
Shipping dimensions800x800x1000 mm32x32x39 inches
Power  and transmission
TransmissionSPZ V-belts
Power and drive system (not included)MT200-400


Solved how to restore damaged shaft section, directly onsite by this portable machine; no need to dismantling and moving out side of the plant.



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The machine is supplied complete with toolkit, CE certificate, Packing List, Manual, Wooden shipping case.